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Random Number Generator -RNG- Software

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Whether you are playing casino games online or land based, winning the games is all about chance. The whole idea is based on the inability of a player to predict their next outcome. Since online casinos are internet versions of the land based casinos, it means that there are physical processes present in the course of the game. So, most people would wonder how the aspect of uncertainty is created in the internet casinos. In fact, this explained why online casinos suffered a relatively low acceptance rate once they were introduced. Thankfully, the RNG Software is able to solve all these. RNG is technically an abbreviation of Random Number Generator.

Silver OakThis software is the one that brings in the required environment of uncertainty when playing casino games. This software is essentially a complex mathematical computer application which is able to generate numbers completely in a random manner. For example, when it comes to the European roulette, the numbers generated randomly by RNG Software are any number in the range of 1 to 37. As such, every number between 1 and 36 corresponds to a similar number as available on roulette wheel. The 0 on roulette wheel corresponds to number 37 on the software. When the software generates number 21 for example, the ball will then be depicted to be stopping at number 21. Then according to the results, the bets made are either paid out or forfeited which will obviously depend on the prevailing outcome.

There are two highly important properties that any number that RNG Software generates must possess. On the first note, such a number must not be predictable otherwise the whole idea of betting in the casino would obviously not make any sense. Secondly, such numbers must not showcase any form of biasness. Predictability comes in the game due to the fact that random numbers get generated through a cycle which repeats itself. It is possible for astute players to recognize the upcoming roulette number, dice total or even card and one can easily predict the coming roulette number from past experience. The aspect of biasness comes to feature when a certain number occurs more often than any other number in the range. As such, the dice would have one number on its face most of the time. If experienced players realize this, then they will simply reciprocate by placing smaller bets and will lead to unsuccessfulness of the players in the long run.

To be very sure that random numbers generated are both unbiased and unpredictable as required, the RNG Software in the casino should be tested once in a while by expert organizations that are independent such as eCOGRA and other technical systems testing. By using the software, the organizations get to generate random numbers in thousands and apply other statistical tests which reveal the biasness and unpredictability of the umbers. If everything is up to satisfaction and is able to confirm that the software has satisfied these two requirements, then the RNG Software in the online casino is certified as fair.