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How eCOGRA can help you

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When it comes to ensure the honest and transparent processing of online casinos, eCOGRA is most renowned and leading name in this industry. It is one of the standard and independent auditing authorities for online gambling casinos that keep an eye on all relevant rules and their implementation by online casinos.

eCOGRA is a nonprofit body that works to save the interests of players by supervising all activities on online casinos to stop infractions of laws. At all places where online gambling is allowed, eCOGRA’s seal with any online casino certifies that it is a quality site where players would play safe and secure with no fear of loss or mishandling. Aside from providing players with a sense of security against all crooked practices in online gambling, eCOGRA can become a legal representative for all those players who have been abused or battered in some way. Through their official website, it imparts detailed information about the rights and duties of online players and gamblers and also keeps reporting their relevant findings online. In case of disputes, eCOGRA can also become intercessor between online gambling sites and players.

It is part of eCOGRA’s mission statement to provide a guarantee of smooth playing online without disregarding the privileges of online casinos and their gaming dominion. They are not allowed to dictate the rules neither to players nor to sites. Thus, it provides its seal only to those sites and gaming software companies which pass through its fairness, accountability and reliability verification. After a series of veracity tests and careful auditing, all qualified casinos are awarded with eCOGRA’s seal by its team of independent directors. This seal signifies the trustworthiness and value of a site among players. That is the reason this seal is much wanted item by every gambling site. it has become a must have for attracting more and more players to some online casino.

eCOGRA allows everyone, be it a player or casino sites, to visit its official website and assess company’s details and its business. Marketers will also find help to find some ecogra’s trusted affiliate campaigns on their site. These approved programs would provide same security to marketers as given to players at online casinos. Moreover, ecogra also provides a list of approved software developers in online gaming and poker industry. It also let players know of the quality game developers that can be trusted to have a safe playing experience with.

All online casinos are to be monitored by eCOGRA. But you will find only those sites sealed, which are amongst the honest and ethically approved for online gambling. Though, ecogra’s way of auditing is not exhaustive but still it guarantees to filter out best out of all available options. It claims to ensure the conformity with stated rules and policies essential to preserve the rights of players. And with its dispute resolution facility, every one gambling on online sites could find a relief and timely solution of their issues. Now online gambling is safer than ever.