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The most populous city in the United States state of Nevada is Las Vegas. It is more than just a tourist attraction, Las Vegas is a lifestyle. An internationally recognized city known for gambling, extensive shopping while having one of the most amazing resorts known to man, Las Vegas tops it all in grandeur and extravagance when it comes to spending a great time with friends and family alike. A city that likes to label itself The Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas conquers all when it comes to cash spending.

high noon casinoWith over the top hotels, casinos and some of the biggest infrastructure setups the world has ever seen in the 21st century, Las Vegas is the biggest tourist destination in the United States of America second only to Times Square in New York City.

The world first racially integrated hotel called 'The Moulin Rouge' opened its door to the public in 1955 showcasing tolerance and acceptance for all that were ever to visit Las Vegas. In a statistics done in 2011, more than three hundred and sixty eight million people visited Las Vegas which just goes to show how booming the tourist industry was for the city two years even after the Great Financial Crisis.

Notorious for its spontaneous weddings, marriages often take place in the spur of the moment in this great city because of the fact that in Nevada there is no blood test required or any waiting period for that matter. Housing the oldest hotel in the city known as the Golden Gate Hotel, Las Vegas has a number of other great hotels that provide top notch entertainment to the people that visit in hopes of spending great quality time. Some of the other world class hotels in Las Vegas are The Bellagio, Mandarin Oriental, Encore at Wynn, The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino and Caesars Palace to name but a few.

Las Vegas' economy thrives on tourism, gaming (gambling) and conventions which also feed the retail and restaurant industries. Major attractions being casinos and hotels, most of the hotel casinos are in the city's downtown area, which has been the focal point of the city's gaming industry since the early days. The Las Vegas Strip is famous for the gambling and entertainment industry in the city, located outside the city limits, some of the largest and notable casinos and buildings are located there.

The Mirage, being a three thousand room hotel and casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip, is associated by a free tram to cherish Island (another hotel and casino) while the marquee ahead of the Mirage is the biggest free enduring marquee. This is only to name some of the larger than life feats the city holds. Because of the epic amount of population that the city holds, Las Vegas is the city that consumes the most amount of water in the world. People that come and go to Las Vegas and the ones residing there consume a lot of food and the supply demand is only increasing day by day.


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