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Sunday, 20 January 2013 21:15

Are People Paid through Online Gambling?

"Can a person win cash with internet gambling?" This is about the most basic thoughts that I observe regularly on my private internet site. The web has a long background of frauds, half-truths as well as deceptive marketing, so it is no surprise that folks are a tiny skeptical of the whole concept of winning real cash at an online casino.

The good thing is that you may earn cash at web based casinos. Actually, folks do it daily. WE always keep in touch with actual players on the day-to-day schedule and they can earn cash. Occasionally, they earn a lot of cash. Each now and then, I even study legitimate information reports regarding people who won jackpots really worth greater than a million cash.

gowildcasino freespinsAnd on top of that, these folks do get money. While you can perform from the ease of house, real cash gambling indicates you get paid for if you triumph. On the internet casinos pay through numerous ways that vary from paper check in the mailbox to wire transactions right to your account with the Bank.

That is the good thing. The poor news is that we have no assurances. Similar to playing in Vegas, you do not understand how your fortune goes at an internet casino. The chances from the games are totally random and there is only in no way any way to understand are you wining cash.

More painful is the truth that the odds usually work against the gamer. WE wish We could tell you how the odds proved helpful in your favor, however that isn't how it will work. All those fairly casinos within Vegas and progressed gambling websites on the net were not developed by giving out totally free cash.

Many people lose cash over the long run. However, that does not stop thousands of people from struggling their fortune daily. Everything can occur temporarily. If you are really fortunate, you might simply earn the jackpot of the long time.

Using a a lot more positive notice, the odds are not closely stacked against people at most online casino games. Internet casino games are made to provide the house a smaller side. This means you will not immediately lose everything at one time. You might also complete the night a major champion.

 At present, this is most of assuming that you're playing at reliable internet casinos. Should you play from sketchy gambling websites, the odds for winning cash fall precipitously. You will find countless gaming web sites available and many are not made equally. Because of this, you must ensure that you usually play at the greatest internet casinos.

 A lot of ways to discover quality sites to play over the internet. One sure-fire technique is to visit dialogue forums and inquire other players what they believe are the ideal casino websites


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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 20:05

A look at Online Gambling in Europe

A study of European parliament held sometimes back in last year revealed that 7 of 27 members of the union actually outlawed online gambling in Europe. Among the rest 20, just 13 of them have liberalized online gambling markets in their jurisdictions. The others have limited online gambling activities to others have limited online gambling activities to only the monopolies licensed or owned by the state. Netherlands is perhaps the European country that has launched the severest crackdown operation on gambling entities. Here, residents can only engage in placing their online bets through De Lotto, the state run gambling monopoly.

Mr Green Casino EuAt the beginning of the year authorities ratcheted the pressure they were facing from other foreign betting companies. The tactic they used was largely copied from US where the federal government warned of an attack on gambling firms by imposing threats to the financial intermediaries they used to transact their dealings. Earlier in the year, the Ministry of Justice in Dutch also warned the various banks in the nation that they also risked prosecution for facilitating money transfer among dealers of online gambling in Europe especially for firms abroad.

There have been other countries that have equally progressed on their efforts of prohibit such sorts in the nation. Last year, Germany introduced a ban regarding online gambling. North Rhine-Westphalia state ordered a British firm Betfair to bar its residents from accessing their gambling services. However, a court in Dusseldorf is yet to give a ruling on whether the order is legal or not. A court in Greece also ordered another British firm, Stanleybet to end all its operations in the country. Other countries such as Germany, Sweden, Hungary and Estonia have equally passed laws or are contemplating to pass regulations for providers of online gambling in Europe to block their residents from accessing their gambling sites.

Essentially, most of these countries in Europe that have been restricting online gambling have said that they do so as a way of protecting the consumers from the same companies. However, this argument does not have much weight in other countries including Netherlands or Sweden where gambling is allowed but strictly through the national monopolies. It has also been revealed that problem gambling has been equally at a higher rate just like in Britain although online gambling has been liberalized here.

The main issue has been that online gambling in Europe can threaten the amount of revenue earned by the governments from the local monopolies. In a country like Netherlands, all the winnings made from the gambling activity, like slot games,  carry a taxation rate of 29%. This is a direct opposite to a country like Gibraltar where taxation is merely a 1% and this is the only payments that British online gambling companies have to pay. It is also noted that online gambling in Europe has billions of money that is at a stake and it has been noted that the money is not less than $5 billion each year.

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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 20:02

Online gambling in US: Is it legal?

While most people might tend to question the legality of online gambling in US, the truth of the matter is that there is no federal law in US that makes online gambling illegal. As such, as far as federal law is concerned or the lack of such laws, there would be no harm in saying that online gambling is perfectly legal in U.S. in a house hearing in 2007, a U.S attorney confirmed that the mere act of placing a wager online does not violate the federal law. And in any case, there is no any American that has been indicted, prosecuted or arrested on the grounds of gambling online so far.

High Noon Casino US PlayersJust in case online gambling was illegal in U.S, would the government be tolerating the many online gambling websites available today? Of course not! To make things clear, the federal law does not have specific regulations against online gambling. While a specific state can have its own state laws that prohibits online gambling, it is rare to find a player prosecuted for this and to be honest, none has been prosecuted so far. Occasionally, people engaged in online gambling in US can conflict with state laws but as noted above, this is rare. To be specific, Oklahoma specifically notes that gambling is illegal regardless of its nature. There are states with specific laws on anti online gambling including Illinois, Indiana, Montana, Louisiana, Oregon, Nevada, Washington and South Dakota.

The federal law puts it clear that it is unlawful for online websites to receive sports bets via the internet. To be more precise, a site can be unlawful for taking bet but this does not make it illegal for players to place the bets. Sites are not specifically allowed or prohibited to take poker or casino bets but the law precisely applies for sports bets alone. While the Federal Justice Department has been attempting to interpret the wire act in a way that sites are prohibited from taking poker or casino bets, legal observers totally disagreed with such a move. And in 2011, the court ruled that Wire Act simply does not prohibit websites from accepting the bets. This further adds more weight on the issue of legality of online gambling in US.

The federal law also makes it unlawful for financial institutions like banks to facilitate online gambling transactions. This largely involves the act of gamblers making withdrawals or deposits from or into an online based casino. So, the law touches on banks but not the players trying to make the transactions via the bank. Unfortunately, since the law finds it pretty hard to pin online casinos and players for breaking the law on online gambling in US, the authorities go after the processors of the payment. For this reason, getting money out or into a casino might seem impossible at times for the players. In the long run, the government ends up starving itself. Anyway, rather than focusing too much attention on the law, it is advisable that you make your decisions based on potential risk for you as a gambler.

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