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The Year Ahead in Online Gaming - What to Look Forward to in 2013

2012 was a bumper year for technological breakthroughs, from the camera that can focus after the fact, to the first affordable 3D printer. Tablet and smartphone sales leapt globally and, as a result, we’re becoming more tech-savvy than ever. All of this tech advancement has had a direct effect on the global online gaming industry too.

Live casino gaming has never been so sophisticated and lifelike. Thanks to broadcasts live from the real casino floor, getting closer to the real casino experience has never been easier. And thanks to mobile technology, we’re now able to play the games we love wherever we go, whenever we want.

So what online casino breakthroughs can we expect to see this year? Exciting new trends and technologies are already beginning to emerge, so we’ve taken a look at what lies ahead to bring you a rundown of the key game-changers we’re looking forward to most.

More live action

Nothing has transformed the online game like the introduction of live dealer games. Ditching the clunky computer graphics to give players the real deal at home, the popularity of live casino gaming is growing apace, and globally. Just last month, Casino Gran Madrid partnered with Playtech to create a whole new raft of live dealer games for the Spanish market where, according to newly introduced regulations, live casino games must be broadcast from a physical casino in Spain. With news that the Spanish live casino market is hotting up right now, we expect to see more and more live games coming straight from the casino floor this year.

More physically gratifying games

Tactus is one company that understands the limitations of flat touchscreens. They’ve unveiled a technology that’s already whet the appetite of the online casino industry. Their morphing keyboards (pictured below) are due for release this year, and promise to give gamers more physical feedback during play. Imagine playing the casino apps you find at a site like on your tablet or phone, with your screen literally morphing into buttons, chips or coins. It’s set to make online casino games far more tactile, and far more involving.

The Tactus morphing keyboard

More mobile power

Last month, Wired let us know exactly where the gaming world stands right now. Console gaming is out, and mobile gaming is in. Mobile technology has already transformed the way we play. Our tablets, smartphones and apps allow us to play wherever, whenever. With 4G mobile networks expanding this year, we’ll have the capability to transmit and receive more information than ever before while we’re on the move. It means the games on offer via mobile are going to perform faster, look better, and the scope of games on offer is going to increase – live casino gaming via mobile is going to really deliver.

More US gamers?

The American Gaming Association was busy in 2012, pressing for the legalisation of online gambling in the US. It looks like their efforts could well pay off in 2013, in New Jersey at least. The online gaming industry will be hoping that this New Jersey law passes, and that further US States will follow suit. This could just be the year that America opens up to online gambling.