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In 2006, the Cyprus located Black Chip ltd. Developed Rival gaming and even though it is one of the most recent online casino solutions, it has really developed and curved a significant portion of the casino industry. Rival software boasts of powering a number of the hottest online casinos on the market and unlike other casino solutions available, Rival gaming accepts American players. This software is probably well known for their excellent suite online casino games that are rich in graphics. Still, through the Rival Black-end, they still offer a comprehensive casino management online system. Rival Back end is tasked with the role of addressing various issues such as affiliate management, security and reporting.

davincis gold casinoFor people that like online casino games that are highly interactive, then they will be pleased by the I-Slots series provided by Rival software that are amazingly interesting and you can easily win as well. Something else that really makes this software one of the best on the market is that it has a very fast download rate and not like other typical casino software that will download very slowly. As such, you will find that this casino has so many hot things starting with the slot games that are highly audiovisual rich. United States players will also not feel left out as this casino gladly accepts them. Their download software is also compatible with Mac and to end it all, their I-slots are overly unique. On the other hand some players have a feeling that their video poker and blackjack has pretty little variety and thus can not offer extreme enjoyment. Also, compared to the competition, their number of games is also less which is also a shortcoming of the software also.

Rival software has a wide range of complete online casino games. You will find their Blackjack in both multi hand and single hand formats. Also included are both American and European roulette. Also, the suite still has several online casino poker and video poker variants. There are still some games that are lesser played like the baccarat, keno and craps and other games that are lesser known like Red Dog, Casino War and the Let it Ride game. While still other software can still offer this as well, Rival manages to out do the competition by offering slot games that are of extremely high quality. The games offer an awesome gaming experience as the content is audiovisual rich.

Slot games provided by Rival software are three reel slots, I-slots, progressive slots and five reel slots. I-slots technically interactive slots that are only available in online casinos powered by Rival only. Every interactive slot game has a unique story to tell and avails a totally different experience from the other with its bonus rounds based on skills and even allowing one to use the video clips. The player's performance in bonus rounds is what determines the nature of direction that the slots game takes. And since you can download the software in both Mac and Windows, it is no wonder Rival software is one of the most popular casino software.

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Whether you are playing casino games online or land based, winning the games is all about chance. The whole idea is based on the inability of a player to predict their next outcome. Since online casinos are internet versions of the land based casinos, it means that there are physical processes present in the course of the game. So, most people would wonder how the aspect of uncertainty is created in the internet casinos. In fact, this explained why online casinos suffered a relatively low acceptance rate once they were introduced. Thankfully, the RNG Software is able to solve all these. RNG is technically an abbreviation of Random Number Generator.

Silver OakThis software is the one that brings in the required environment of uncertainty when playing casino games. This software is essentially a complex mathematical computer application which is able to generate numbers completely in a random manner. For example, when it comes to the European roulette, the numbers generated randomly by RNG Software are any number in the range of 1 to 37. As such, every number between 1 and 36 corresponds to a similar number as available on roulette wheel. The 0 on roulette wheel corresponds to number 37 on the software. When the software generates number 21 for example, the ball will then be depicted to be stopping at number 21. Then according to the results, the bets made are either paid out or forfeited which will obviously depend on the prevailing outcome.

There are two highly important properties that any number that RNG Software generates must possess. On the first note, such a number must not be predictable otherwise the whole idea of betting in the casino would obviously not make any sense. Secondly, such numbers must not showcase any form of biasness. Predictability comes in the game due to the fact that random numbers get generated through a cycle which repeats itself. It is possible for astute players to recognize the upcoming roulette number, dice total or even card and one can easily predict the coming roulette number from past experience. The aspect of biasness comes to feature when a certain number occurs more often than any other number in the range. As such, the dice would have one number on its face most of the time. If experienced players realize this, then they will simply reciprocate by placing smaller bets and will lead to unsuccessfulness of the players in the long run.

To be very sure that random numbers generated are both unbiased and unpredictable as required, the RNG Software in the casino should be tested once in a while by expert organizations that are independent such as eCOGRA and other technical systems testing. By using the software, the organizations get to generate random numbers in thousands and apply other statistical tests which reveal the biasness and unpredictability of the umbers. If everything is up to satisfaction and is able to confirm that the software has satisfied these two requirements, then the RNG Software in the online casino is certified as fair.

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When it comes to ensure the honest and transparent processing of online casinos, eCOGRA is most renowned and leading name in this industry. It is one of the standard and independent auditing authorities for online gambling casinos that keep an eye on all relevant rules and their implementation by online casinos.

eCOGRA is a nonprofit body that works to save the interests of players by supervising all activities on online casinos to stop infractions of laws. At all places where online gambling is allowed, eCOGRA’s seal with any online casino certifies that it is a quality site where players would play safe and secure with no fear of loss or mishandling. Aside from providing players with a sense of security against all crooked practices in online gambling, eCOGRA can become a legal representative for all those players who have been abused or battered in some way. Through their official website, it imparts detailed information about the rights and duties of online players and gamblers and also keeps reporting their relevant findings online. In case of disputes, eCOGRA can also become intercessor between online gambling sites and players.

It is part of eCOGRA’s mission statement to provide a guarantee of smooth playing online without disregarding the privileges of online casinos and their gaming dominion. They are not allowed to dictate the rules neither to players nor to sites. Thus, it provides its seal only to those sites and gaming software companies which pass through its fairness, accountability and reliability verification. After a series of veracity tests and careful auditing, all qualified casinos are awarded with eCOGRA’s seal by its team of independent directors. This seal signifies the trustworthiness and value of a site among players. That is the reason this seal is much wanted item by every gambling site. it has become a must have for attracting more and more players to some online casino.

eCOGRA allows everyone, be it a player or casino sites, to visit its official website and assess company’s details and its business. Marketers will also find help to find some ecogra’s trusted affiliate campaigns on their site. These approved programs would provide same security to marketers as given to players at online casinos. Moreover, ecogra also provides a list of approved software developers in online gaming and poker industry. It also let players know of the quality game developers that can be trusted to have a safe playing experience with.

All online casinos are to be monitored by eCOGRA. But you will find only those sites sealed, which are amongst the honest and ethically approved for online gambling. Though, ecogra’s way of auditing is not exhaustive but still it guarantees to filter out best out of all available options. It claims to ensure the conformity with stated rules and policies essential to preserve the rights of players. And with its dispute resolution facility, every one gambling on online sites could find a relief and timely solution of their issues. Now online gambling is safer than ever.

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Realtime Gaming or simply RTG Software is with no doubt rated among the top casino companies providing gaming solutions alongside Rival and Microgaming software which equally provide players with a large selection of games as well. While you might find this a little bit surprising, more than ever before, they are now highly concerned about the quality of games they offer online gamers to give a thrilling experience level. Still, this software has also been recognized as one of the safest online casino operators where you are guaranteed safety of your deposits and you receive earnings accordingly.

high noon casinoThe historical background of RTG Software dates back in 1999, when the RTG Company was founded in Costa Rica and Georgia. Since then, this operator has been creating a desirable reputation among online gamblers and other companies with e-business dealings. Since its inception, the operator clearly had a goal and the results were delivered by its hard work and with time, it has transformed into one of the safest software for online casino gaming. Over the years, they have been creating different high quality games for them to satisfy the ever increasing number of online gamblers and to offer gaming products that satisfy the interests of everyone in online gambling. Being in the industry for over 10 years now, the company prides itself to be ranked among the most reputable and best gambling company with RTG Software continuously improving its games annually. This has rewarded it with a great competitive power in the fierce industry overcrowded with a wide range of casino software.

RTG Software has several advantages over other software in the industry as you shall soon realize. This is important as for the software to be able to survive in the ever developing industry; it has no option rather than being innovative and creative. As such, they make progressive solutions that help maintain the interest of their customers and cement their popularity on the market.

Their great success is attributed by the way they add Auto Play into the slot games they offer. This simply means that a player can automatically play with the system and one is still doing other businesses online. It is such a highly creative solution and you can easily hit the jackpot with less effort. Still on the benefits of the software, you will not that they offer not less than 100 games that can be downloaded easily and have a small size. They are also well known for being the provider of the best video poker software that is easy to navigate and with progressive.

While there are so many plus points of RTG Software, you will also note that they also have weak points as well. To start with, you will not be fascinated with their download game versions as they are not the best. Starting with low quality sound effects and graphics, you might not be thrilled with the online slots they offer. And lastly, online operators presumably have a lot of freedom when it comes to handling the software.

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If quality is your first preference in online gaming, the SkillOnNet software will be the right choice for you. It let you play smooth with its elegant layouts, friendly customization, scalability and its stability. Almost seven different online casinos have deployed SkillOnNet software to offer a truly versatile gaming experience to their players. It is their high tech implementation and well-presented gaming solutions that make this software stand out and provide more realistic gaming. There are a bunch of distinguished and unique features in this casino software which are not commonly experienced in other contemporary gaming software. Backgammon software is the one major specialty of SkillOnNet.

redkings casinoApart from various innovative gaming options in SkillOnNet Software, its game lobby is most liked and interesting feature. It gives you a feel as if you are playing in some real casino with lot of players entering and joining the games. Its high tech graphics add some more realistic touch in games as if you are playing in some real casino environment. From depositing money in your account to placing bet on games, everything is easy and straightforward with its user friendly and quickly navigable interface that let the players get most of its enriched options. Since this software has been designed to accommodate the players all over the world, it can be found in multiple languages. Unlike other casino software, SkillOnNet not only can change the website language but also display game in your desired language. Besides, it provides tools for community chat to make players interact while playing online.

While most of the games at SkillOnNet focus on skill, there are a lot of other chance based games to provide a complete gaming package. Players could find all popular casino games as, roulette, video poker, blackjack, poker table and many more. Some progressive type casino games have been included in SkillOnNet to give it a unique spark. But more interest and allure is added by different promotions and bonuses offered in these games. Most of players enjoy SkillOnNet games just for their rewarding bonuses provided. Welcome bonus and loyalty bonus are among the most liked types. However, there is no wagering requirement in some chance games as backgammon. Promotions, on the other hand, are to increase player’s bankroll right after game is started. These promotions also act as incentive to keep players interested in casino games.

Overall, it is right to say that SkillOnNet software is a good choice for skill playing. But lovers of chance games and other casino games are also not disappointed by it. It caters a wide range of players’ choices. However, skill games are offered in their best form to make your experience extra ordinary and memorable. Even if you have tried many top quality online casinos and enjoyed their glamour, SkillOnNet would still amaze you with its controls and excellence. Starting its journey in 2005, it has done remarkable in online gaming industry and still there is a lot more expected in future.

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When it comes to transfer money or making online purchases, Skrill payments are most used means for it. It is a globally accepted service for making money payments in electronic commerce. Without disclosing your bank details or your personal data, you can avail this trusted service in about forty different countries of the world. Just as easy to use as making your email address. You can avail this serivice with your bank account or credit card or just with an email address. Instead of using conventional payment procedures ilke cheques or money drafts, Skrill payments provide you an electronic substitute. It is a quick and convinient way of processing payments especially for online businesses.

lucky red casinoSkrill payments require you to go through a verification process before using your account. So, if you do not want to reveal your identity, it is not an option for you. All these verifications are meant to prevent thefts, money laundering, frauds and all other pervasive types of corruptions in money processing. Thus, by undergoing this verification you get identified as trustworthy person and guarantee you the Skrill payments to be transparent and reliable. Unfortunately, this service is not available in United States. If you are in United States, you would not be able to receive Skrill payments. Moreover, you can also use different options like; escrow payments, SMS and fax sending as well.

What makes Skrill payments more charming is its easy and quick accessibility. You just have to open your account at Skrill by providing your personal information and bank or credit card details. After getting your data verified, you will receive a confirmation letter or email to start using its services. It is necessary to carefully read all of its rules and conditions before making any transaction through it. Here you go with your Skrill payments! You will also get a lot of other features and options in your account. Just pick up the desired option and follow the given instructions. You need not enter your card or bank details every time you make purchases. Every time you make payment through Skrill you receive a reference number to track the progress. In case you find any problem with your purchase or do not get your desired item, you have the option to lodge the complaint and Skrill reliable service will resolve your issues. Now, it is not an issue to buy online or transfer money through Skrill payments. It is easier than you think of it.

This convenient and quick service of Skrill payments also work wonders for online gamblers and players. As in online casinos you need to send or receive money more frequently than other businesses, it seems a hassle to enter your bank or card details for every transaction and it is unsafe too. Many casino players are reluctant to give out such information online so, Skrill promise confidentiality and a fair transaction with no need of giving your personal bank or card details to everyone. Just use your Skrill account to handle payments for you. Thus, it has become a common way of money processing in many online casinos.

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Changing modes of internet communications has also altered the way of interactions on online casinos. Starting from the display of rolling dices and cards on screen, casinos have been revolutionized to present human dealers in live casinos. These online dealers, a more innovative introduction in online gambling industry, have provided players with much needed flexibility to interact instantly with the dealers more comfortably and conveniently. Players are now free to place their bets whenever they want. They do not have to bind their gambling with working hours of casino dealers.

Though, online gambling has offered many advantages but still some players tend to like conventional land based casinos just because of the live interactions with dealers, which is missing in online casinos. Thus, online dealers have filled this void and have provided the same crisp of live communication between dealers and players with same feel and live buzz.

lucky red casinoIt is just the advancement of technology which has made it possible for different gaming software companies to offer live gambling online. Advanced graphics and innovative gaming growth has brought about a feel of live casinos in online gambling. Now with the high tech online casino platform, you can easily communicate with your dealers while playing. No need to drive to casinos anymore. Live streaming from land based casinos or a studio is available directly on your computer to make you feel sitting in a live casino with everything happening in real around you. You can play and deal in more real way in live online gambling. The quality of software used also defines the quality of results you get in live interactions with dealers. However, a live dealer conversation streamed from a studio provides better outcome as it is for those who want more open conversation with dealers. While in land based casino feeds, you would find live casino environment with little bit dealers interaction and more focus on gaming. It is up to your taste and choice.

More and more online casinos are now offering live dealers gaming experience to attract more players. But there are a limited number of games available with live dealer feature like; Roulette, Sie Bo, Baccarat and BlackJack etc. often some live casinos use large sized cards with camera zooming to make them clear on screens and make you feel live. Cards are played and dice is rolled before you. Dazzling fun and glamour of casinos is now at your own home. Now live dealer aspect deals best with your boredom of online gambling and brings you all allure of live casinos that were missing before. If you have not been to any online casino before, these live casinos could easily bewilder you with its amazing semblance of real casino environment. That is why; millions of new players have been attracted towards these live dealer casinos.

This live casino concept has also ended the feel of distrust that players used to have with old fashioned online gambling. Everything is transparently occurring before players who can not only see but talk with their online dealers while sitting at homes. If you feel unrealistic with online gambling, live casinos are what you need.

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With soaring number of people in casinos, internet gambling has got a remarkable boost in a short time period. Starting as a fun and entertainment it has grown into a mature business now. Thus, safety and security in online casinos is as much important as with any conventional businesses. Rather, it is far more critical for all online casinos to ensure their players a safe and trusted environment to play. Funds and payments security comes on top, however. As, everything is virtual in online casinos unlike land-based set ups, so, it demands a great deal of care in this regards. Even a minor reservation in player’s mind could damage your business. So as to emerge as a more reliable and credible online casino, a well-guarded and fortified payment handling for players must be a top priority.  

lucky red casinoLooking one secure online casino that is worth your time and money in real sense is a trickiest job. There is a lot you need to scrutinize for making a wise descision. First prefernce should be to go for those with secure web addresses. Online casinos with their URLS starting with https rather than http employ a special security machanisms to prevent unauthorized accessed to confidential data of players. This ensures security against theft of your personal details particularly your monetry information by hackers. No one can stealthly accesss any communication between you and your bank or with other players through these online casino websites thus, providing a shelter and a vigilant gaurd to maintain your privacy. you could also hire some specialist to search one secure online gambling option if you don’t find enough time to search through millions of online casinos available.

The next most important factor implying security and safety in online casinos is their offered modes for deposits and payments. Those with only limited options for your money handling are somewhat suspicious. Often some casinos restrict you adopt one particular mode for payment, that also makes them fishy.For instance, some casinos let you carry out your payments and deposits only via credit cards or e-wallets, which are among the riskiest payment options. So, better is to choose those online casinos which provide you all standard methods like wire transfers, cheques, moneybookers, credit/debit cards etc. to conduct money transactions for you. Use your freedom to pick up one option that you consider safe and convinient for making or recieving payments on online casinos.

The time it takes to conduct the whole payment procedure also counts a lot. The payout delays of 2 to 3 weeks is quite normal with many only casinos. Though, it needs a long wait and patience but not always bothersome. But in case of any payment issue, you can report disputes on all well-protected online casinos. You should pay special heed to their policies related to payment delays and disputes beforehand. It will give you an idea of how much your rights are preserved and valued by this casino and will help you choose the right one. So, do not ever ignore the safety and security in online casinos to make your play a real fun.

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Since the beginning of online casinos, different kinds of bonuses have always been an attraction for the players. There are numerous types of such bonuses offered to gamblers first to attract them and then to keep them playing with some particular casino. Some are called welcome bonuses which are offered at the time of sign up while some bonuses are for those already playing and scoring. Most alluring type is no deposit bonus which does not come in form of real money but allows a player to play free games. In view of charm and benefits of no deposit bonuses it has become a standard at all online casino websites nowadays.

Joyland BannerThere are numerous types of online casinos that makes it quite difficult at times to decide which one is best to go for. Better is to sign up for some most popular ones and check out their services before picking up one option. But it is not a good idea to just deposit your money right away in such trial accounts. Here come no deposit bonuses to help you and get your purpose without investing a single penny. Just after creating your account with a casino you will get such no deposit bonuses transferred instantly in your balance which would let you play some games and explore all features and options available to you. Your own money is safe so, you would not have any fear of losing money. In case you do not find this online casino website reliable or their services and games do not match your taste, you can simply quit with no loss at all.

No deposit bonuses gives you a good start-up and a chance to win more money. In fact this free money cannot be withdrawn until either you win up to a specific amount or you deposit your own money with it. These withdrawal rules are different with different casinos. So it is up to your choice whether you want to try your luck with some premium games and win a good amount or risk some more money with it. Basically these bonuses are intended to grab player's trust and develop his interest with their games. Often players get a good start with no deposit bonus and get a push to go ahead and start investing their own money too.

It is completely free earning you make with no fear of loss. All the winnings you make of this initial amount in your account are also yours. But for availing all benefits of no deposit bonuses, specific conditions are to be fulfilled. There is always certain time duration to use this money and often you also need to place a minimum number of bets with it. Even after losing this bonus money, some casinos offer rewards to their players. This is just to appreciate their participation in casino game playing and keep them interested. Thus, the benefits of no deposit bonuses are more than their advertisement value.

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Casino Game “Book of Ra”

As online gambling and playing is getting popularity, more and more online games are emerging on the scene to add to this excitement and allure. You find abundant choices in online casino games to select from. However, Novoline games are one of the top notched internet games that come in a great variety. One big hit by novoline casino games is Book of Ra, which has grabbed a high appreciation among online gamblers.

The game was actually designed to be played on slot machines but adapted to play online. With a slight variation in names or slot numbers, you may get license for it. Its online version gives you same excitement and thrill as you get while playing in a casino. But the most enchanting factor of this online Book of Ra is, you can win much more than its classic version at any real casino. This game is all about spinning the slot and obtaining required symbols. All mechanics revolve around the possibility of getting desired output. If you are lucky enough to get three symbols of Book of Ra in succession, ten spins are awarded to provide you more winning chances. You will get some unlocked symbols to help you increase your winning chance in your next spins.

book of ra mybetThere are also great bonuses offered in online Book of Ra. Like many online casino bonuses, you can get bonus against your deposits for playing this game. Each time you make deposits, you are given bonuses that not only increase your money but also your chances to play and win more. You need to get its downloadable version too installed on your computers for helping you in online playing. It will let you understand this game at length and add more fun to your online playing experience.

With Book of Ra you are free to choose the number of play lines you want to activate. In classic version you have the limit of nine lines while in deluxe version you can use ten play lines. Besides, you can change the number of lines anytime while playing. This game also let you adjust your bets for these lines either in start or during the play, thus providing an ultimate flexibility of playing. The status bar on the screen will continue showing your bets per line and also total bets for each spin. You can easily increase or decrease this number according the need and your choice.

Book of Ra is one of the easiest games offered by novoline that can be played by beginners. You just need to follow a simple method to get it working for you. After download and installation that is available for almost all platforms, you have to register your account online and deposit money in it to start playing this online version of Book of Ra. All payment policies need to be read carefully before transaction your money. As soon as you deposit money, you will get your bonus as offered by casino.

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