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Book of Ra the most popular casino Game

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Casino Game “Book of Ra”

As online gambling and playing is getting popularity, more and more online games are emerging on the scene to add to this excitement and allure. You find abundant choices in online casino games to select from. However, Novoline games are one of the top notched internet games that come in a great variety. One big hit by novoline casino games is Book of Ra, which has grabbed a high appreciation among online gamblers.

The game was actually designed to be played on slot machines but adapted to play online. With a slight variation in names or slot numbers, you may get license for it. Its online version gives you same excitement and thrill as you get while playing in a casino. But the most enchanting factor of this online Book of Ra is, you can win much more than its classic version at any real casino. This game is all about spinning the slot and obtaining required symbols. All mechanics revolve around the possibility of getting desired output. If you are lucky enough to get three symbols of Book of Ra in succession, ten spins are awarded to provide you more winning chances. You will get some unlocked symbols to help you increase your winning chance in your next spins.

book of ra mybetThere are also great bonuses offered in online Book of Ra. Like many online casino bonuses, you can get bonus against your deposits for playing this game. Each time you make deposits, you are given bonuses that not only increase your money but also your chances to play and win more. You need to get its downloadable version too installed on your computers for helping you in online playing. It will let you understand this game at length and add more fun to your online playing experience.

With Book of Ra you are free to choose the number of play lines you want to activate. In classic version you have the limit of nine lines while in deluxe version you can use ten play lines. Besides, you can change the number of lines anytime while playing. This game also let you adjust your bets for these lines either in start or during the play, thus providing an ultimate flexibility of playing. The status bar on the screen will continue showing your bets per line and also total bets for each spin. You can easily increase or decrease this number according the need and your choice.

Book of Ra is one of the easiest games offered by novoline that can be played by beginners. You just need to follow a simple method to get it working for you. After download and installation that is available for almost all platforms, you have to register your account online and deposit money in it to start playing this online version of Book of Ra. All payment policies need to be read carefully before transaction your money. As soon as you deposit money, you will get your bonus as offered by casino.