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Neteller Payments in online casinos

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When it comes to payments and deposits in online gambling, security and safety becomes top priority of all players. No one wants to risk his hard earned money with unsafe payment procedures. Thus, in this regard Neteller provides secure money handling. It is one of the widely used ways of online money transfer whereby you can securely transact at all online gambling sites. You do not need to give out your financial detail at all online casino site, instead use your Neteller account to do handle all of your money matters in a more confidential and secure way. You find seven different kinds of payment procedures and five ways of withdrawing money with Neteller payments.

Join NetellerIt is not a big deal to open your account with Neteller. Unlike online casinos where you have to create separate account at each site, with Neteller you need to open just one account to manage your overall money transactions. But, unluckily this service is not accessible in all states of the world. You need to be citizen of any one of the countries served by Neteller in order to use it. And if you are already in one of such countries, it is the task of seconds to open your account to get registered for this service. After filling out some required personal data online, you can become its member. It is just like making an email account. Having successfully registered, for the verification purpose Neteller will send you an email to complete this process or account creation. Once you are done with all this process, you can go ahead to provide your financial details at Neteller so that you can make your money transactions through it in future.

After creating an account at Neteller, you can deposit money in your account in several ways. Ukash is one of the easiest and free of charge way among them. Vouchers are used to deposit money instantly through Ukash. The Visa debit card, local bank transfer and international bank transfer are some other free ways to deposit. While for instant bank deposits and Visa MasterCard deposits you are charged some fee. The time to carry out transaction varies for Different methods and locations. Another important thing that you keep in mind is the currency exchange rate employed by Neteller. It charges you 2.5 per cent exchange rate in addition to current market rate. So, it becomes a bit expensive if you are not transacting in local currencies.

Withdrawals are also very convenient at Neteller. You can pick the best way available as check, member wire, bank draft, bank transfer or net prepaid cards. The time from placing your withdrawal orders to receiving your money may stretch up to maximum two weeks. And if you have placed order to withdraw money in a currency different than your account currency, a fee will also be applied for this foreign currency exchange.

Thus, if you are not sure about safety measures of online casino payment methods, Neteller is there to fall back on. It promises you a secure and reliable money handling for you to order to make you play safe.