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Slot Superstitions That Might Actually Help You Win ‘Big’

If you are a regular gambler, odds are, you might have come across one or more gamblers who have certain ‘unconventional’ beliefs and things that they do when they start their gambling adventure. If you are a beginner, then, you ought to know that superstitions do exist in gambling and sooner or later, you are going to come across gamblers who strongly believe in superstitions.

The reason why superstitions are such popular in gambling is that there is a strong belief among gamblers that there is a correlation between superstitions and winning. While this may not be proved (or rather difficult to prove), there is no harm in trying it for yourself. If it works, then good for you and if it doesn’t work, then you lose nothing; it’s really a win-win scenario in either case. In light of this, let’s explore some of the most popular superstitionsspecifically targeting slot games that you can ‘adopt’. Note that you can visit and play new online casino games available at Novibet after reading this piece so that you put what you have learnt into practice.

Touching the Screen

On a visit to a land-based casino, you probably have seen some players touching or rubbing the screen before they start playing. The reasoning behind this is that by touching certain symbols on the reels, those symbols (especially wilds, scatters or high paying standard symbols) will frequently pop up on the reels hence help the player to land huge wins or to trigger highly lucrative bonus features.

Playing on New Slot Machines

Many superstitious gamblers also love settling for new slot machines. The main reasoning behind this is that casinos in an attempt to lure players to try out new games will manipulate the machines so that they pay higher payouts in their early life. It’s difficult to believe this superstition considering the fact that slot machines are scientifically designed to be random meaning the 1st spin and the 100 000th spin ought to be the same. However, if you want something to believe in, why not try it, you might just prove science wrong!

Playing on Slot Machines at the Entrance

Another popular superstition when it comes to slot machines is playing on slot machines that are located at the entrance. The reasoning behind this is that casinos tend to place looser slot machines at the entrance while tight machines are located in the middle or at the back. As we have already stated before, it’sdifficult to prove superstitions but if one tries to apply logic, then this superstition warrant some credit. Placing looser slot machines at the front will entice players entering the casino to try out slots games if they see players at the entrance scooping some regular wins.

Playing With Hot or Cold Coins

There is also another belief that playing with either hot or cold coins will help improve one’s luck when playing slot games. For those who prefer the hot coins superstitions, you will see them rubbing coins before placing them inside the machine.